“We have been using Mānuka honey for the last few years. The taste is great and is soothing for my stomach. My family and I really enjoy the honey and the health benefits from it.” 

Esther F

“I love Veritas-NZ honey! It is suitable for eating directly, spreading on bread, or adding to lemon water – delicious! The honey lemon water is particularly good for alleviating the symptoms of hay fever, which is amazing!”

Anny W

“Veritas-NZ Mānuka honey has a pure Mānuka flavor. I often use it to replace sugar, whether it is in coffee, cake, yogurt, or with an avocado. It is a delicious, natural, and genuine honey to enjoy.”

Joan C

“I love Veritas-NZ Mānuka honey. I've been using it for some time now and it always tastes great and very smooth.”

Fran L

“Since I started using Veritas-NZ Mānuka honey it has reduced my allergy symptoms and also settled my stomach. The taste is great, adding it to a lemon drink makes it even more delicious. Occasionally I will put it on toast for breakfast, which is also very delicious.”

Eva N

“I first bought Veritas-NZ Mānuka as a gift. My friend said that when she had a bad stomach she took a tablespoon every morning and it helped her so much. When I have a cold I take Mānuka and lemon. It works wonderfully!


“Veritas-NZ Mānuka honey is very helpful for people with bad stomachs. I gave some to my former classmate. She has had stomach problems for a long time, and she feels that the honey has caused a great improvement.”

Vivian P

“I originally began drinking Mānuka because of my cold. I wanted to drink honey lemonade to increase vitamin C, but unexpectedly found it was helpful for my constipation and pollen allergies. I always keep my Veritas-NZ Mānuka honey at the ready. Veritas-NZ always provides the best honey – top quality, we are so lucky!”

Jennifer H

“I was suffering from the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux, which can cause a dry throat and often dry coughs. After drinking Veritas-NZ Mānuka, my cough and throat discomfort have been improved. It’s also great for relieving mild cold symptoms – adding lemon and honey will do the trick every time!”


“Mānuka honey is the best home care product, especially during the COVID epidemic. It can not only relieve the discomfort of allergies, but also enhance immunity, effectively preventing allergic discomfort and allergies. A glass of Mānuka every day, healthy and happy!”

Pearl C